Following the Francis Revolution from the Vatican to the ends of the earth




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Welcome to the website of John Paul Shimek, Pilgrim Journalist!


John Paul Shimek is a Roman Catholic theologian and a Vatican affairs specialist. In the spring of 2013, he covered the historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI; the March conclave; and, the election of Pope Francis while in Rome on journalistic assignment. Since then, he has continued to cover the New World pontificate of the man from "the ends of the earth" for numerous Catholic and secular newspapers, magazines, websites, and broadcast media. 


On this website, readers will find an archive of some of John Paul's articles, interviews, blog posts, video and audio files, as well as links to his latest social media communications.


Be sure to visit this site often for all of the latest news and opinion about the Francis Revolution as it ignites the Church around the globe!

John Paul Shimek stands inside Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel as it is being prepared for the March 2013 conclave.